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Because of its altitudinal range, Manu National Park is one of the most biologically diverse places on Earth, and the Reserved Zone lies right at the heart of this unspoiled wilderness area. During this 8-day adventure, you will be introduced by our expert naturalist guides to the landscapes, living culture, fauna and flora of one of the most fascinating parts of the great continent of South America, traveling by road, on foot and via rivers and lakes.

Professional bilingual naturalist guide
Meals as indicated in the itinerary
Accommodation (7 night)
Safety equipment (including lifejackets)
Radio communication
Accommodation in jungle lodges
Basis first aid kit
Mineral water
Professional staff, driver and boat crew
Professional cook
Personal items and medicines (gear, clothing, laundry service, telephone calls, etc.)
Tips to local staff (we recommend $8-10 per day of service per guide or driver)
Alcohol drinks or sodas in the lodges
1 photocopy of passport
Hiking boots
Lightweight warm jacket
Rain gear (or waterproof poncho)
Long-sleeved cotton shirts
Hiking shorts
Hat / bandana
Sport sandals
Sunscreen and sunglasses
Insect repellent
Pocket knife
Digital camera and memory stick
Camera charger (220V)
Binoculars for wildlife viewing (8 or 10x magnification)
Ziplock bags and garbage bags for keeping clothes and other personal items dry during excursions
01 Person5,672
02 People3,369
03 People3,032
04 People – 07 People2,547
08 People – 10 People1,885
Price per Person


Day 1: Cusco – Paradise Lodge (bus and hiking)

We will begin our day with an early departure from Cusco, setting off on a full day road trip that will take us from the Andes to the Amazon. After leaving the fertile Cusco valley, we will cross high Andean grasslands and pass through inter-Andean valleys with their typical rural villages. Along the way it will be possible to spot a variety of birdlife, such as mountain caracaras and Puna ibis. Before reaching the colonial period village of Paucartambo, we will pass the series of burial towers built by the Lupaca culture, long before the Incas ventured into this part of Peru. Once a year, Paucartambo fills with visitors who come to see one of the country’s most colorful religious celebrations, and we will have time to see the focus of those festivities, the image of the Virgin Mary housed in the local church. Another interesting attraction in Paucartambo is the colonial-era Carlos V Bridge, which spans the Mapacho River. Leaving Paucartambo, we will continue on the road to the high pass at Acjanacu (3,850 meters / 12,628 feet). This is the entrance to Manu National Park, and it is from here that the road descends towards our destination in the cloud forest. We will pass through Andean grasslands on our way to the forest, looking out all the time for Andean guans, white-collared jays, crimson-mantled woodpeckers and the endemic Puna thistletail. As we enter the cloud forest, there will even be time for us to hike along part of the road, so we can observe the local fauna and flora more closely. Birdlife on this section of our route includes the cock-of-the-rock, golden-headed quetzal, blue-crowned motmot, mountain toucan, flycatchers, jays, hummingbirds and several varieties of tanager. With their orchids and ferns, these forests are also home to large mammals, including the spectacled bear and white-tailed deer. We will spend our first night in this unique ecosystem at the Paradise Lodge (1,470 meters / 4,821 feet).

  • Bus: 181 km / 113 miles (6 to 8 hours)
  • Included: Lunch and evening meal


Day 2: Paradise Lodge – Amazon basin (bus, boat and hiking)

We will begin our first full day in the cloud forest with a walk in the forest around the lodge, where groups of as many as ten male cock-of-the-rocks gather to compete in a remarkable display designed to attract a mate. After a good breakfast back at the lodge, we will head off towards the river port of Atalaya, looking out all the time for birds, monkeys, mammals and insects, and identifying local flora, with the help of our naturalist guide. Arriving at the river, we will board our boat and head along the Upper Madre de Dios River. Along the way, we will make a stop at Lake Machuwasi, a fascinating oxbow lake ecosystem with abundant birdlife. We will eat lunch on our way to our next stop; the lodge where we will spend our second night in the Amazon forests of Peru. Once you have had time to freshen up in your room, we will take a walk in the forests surrounding the lodge. In the evening, after an excellent dinner, those who wish may choose to join our naturalist guide on a walk in the forest in search of nocturnal fauna.

  • Bus: 71.6 km / 44.8 miles
  • Included: Breakfast, lunch and evening meal


Day 3: Amazon basin – Boca Manu – Lake Otorongo (boat and hiking)

After a delicious breakfast at our lodge, we will travel by boat along the Madre de Dios River as far as the jungle village of Boca Manu, where after a brief stop, we will continue along the Manu River, its sediment laden waters contrasting with the clearer waters of the Madre de Dios. The riverbanks are home to turtles and several species of birds, including flocks of swallows, tiger-herons and black vultures. The river is also inhabited by black caiman. At the campsite there will be time to settle in before dinner, after which we will get an early night, as we listen to the sounds of the forest.

  • Included: Breakfast, lunch and evening meal


Day 4: Lake Otorongo (boat and hiking)

We will begin our fourth day in the Amazon forests of Peru by visiting Lake Otorongo. Several fascinating species inhabit this oxbow lake ecosystem, including turtles, white caiman (Caiman cocodrylus) and even capybaras (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris). If we are very lucky, we might even spot a jaguar (Panthera onca), particularly in the dry season, when they emerge from the forest in search of water. As we walk in the forest we will be looking out constantly for some of the 13 species of monkeys that live in Manu National Park, and as we paddle silently on the lake we will be able to observe a remarkable variety of birdlife. We will return to our campsite in the late afternoon.


Day 5: Lake Otorongo – Lake Salvador (boat and hiking)

Lake Salvador is located just 30 minutes from Lake Otorongo, and at 3.5 kilometers in length it is one of the largest oxbow lakes in Manu National Park. As well as abundant birdlife, it is also possible to observe giant otters (Pteronura brasiliensis) at the lake.

After visiting the lake, we will hike with our naturalist guide along forest trails, learning more about how the complex tropical forest ecosystem functions. We will spend the night on the raised, roofed platforms of our campsite, which is equipped with showers and toilet facilities. Those who wish to can join the guide on a night walk in the forest after their evening meal.


Day 6: Lake Otorongo – Amazon basin (boat and hiking)

During this sixth day in the Amazon forests of southeastern Peru, we will have plenty of time to continue our search for fascinating fauna and flora as we make our way back to our lodge. During this part of our route, we may even be fortunate enough to spot a King Vulture. We will spend the night at the lodge, where shower and toilet facilities are available.


Day 7: Amazon basin – Paradise Lodge

As we travel today along the Upper Madre de Dios River, with the help of our naturalist guide we will have the chance to spot a variety of birdlife. There will also be a chance to benefit from the medicinal properties of natural thermal springs. At the river port of Atalaya we will board our vehicle for the drive to Paradise Lodge.


Day 8: Paradise Lodge – Cusco

After an excellent breakfast at the lodge, we will board our vehicle for the return journey to the city of Cusco. After passing once more through the village of Paucartambo, we will take the road to Pisac, a typical village in the Sacred Valley of the Incas and the site of the superb Inca imperial phase ruins of the same name. We will arrive in Cusco at around 5:00 pm, where you will be transferred to your hotel.

  • Included: Breakfast and lunch


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