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  • Chonta, Condors Viewpoint Full Day

    This tour was designed for nature lovers. Throughout the trip we will be surrounded by breathtaking scenery. In Chonta, we’ll have a great view of the Limatambo Valley. In the

  • Choquequirao Trek to Machu Picchu 8D/7N

    When faced with the Spanish invasion, Inka rebels lead by Manco Inka II travelled to the Vilcabamba mountain range, using it as their last hiding place during the resistance, and


    The Flight of the Condor & Glacial Lake Humantay tour was designed with the nature lover in mind. It features easy to moderate walks combined with comfort and relaxation at

  • Humantay Glacier Lake Full Day

    An ideal alternative for travelers with a huge interest in nature and adventure but little time. We will complete the hike to the turquoise Humantay Lake or Glacier in just

  • Manu Bird Paradise 4D/3N

    Peru is home to more than 1800 bird species, including 45% of the world’s neo-tropical species, making it the perfect destination for birders. Leaving the city of Cusco, you will

  • Manu Cloud Forest 3D/2N

    Beginning in the historic city of Cusco, this program offers a range of activities as it takes you through colonial towns and jungle villages and into the incredible biological diversity

  • Manu Nature & Culture 4D/3N

    On this natural and cultural program in Manu National Park you will be introduced to a unique world, where local people live as they have always done, in perfect harmony

  • Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu 7D/6N

    Our 7 day long tour is the perfect trip for the adventurous spirits who want to discover the rich geography and history of Peru. Experience backpacking along the infamous Salkantay

  • Salkantay, Condors and Machu Picchu 5D/4N

    The Salkantay, Condors & Machu Picchu Tour is for the adventurous tourist who wants to enjoy the scenery and experience one of the greatest attractions of the Cusco region during

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