Natural Wildlife Refuge Variety Of Species In Machu Picchu

23 Mayo, 2017
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Machu Picchu is not only a wonder of the world, it is also a miracle of nature and the hands that erected transformed into a symbol of the greatness of one of the most fascinating empires of the world.

Balance and harmony in a distinctive dome where time seems to vanish so that the light does not strike the stillness in these forested wetlands and surrounding Amazon.

All this would not have happened if there were no Salkantay Mountain Range and the tide of warm air that emerges from the lowlands in search of the sky beyond the icy peaks.

Impossible to describe in a few words what the landscape of Machu Picchu stands before the eyes of visitors.

Nature is a boundless generosity, its flora has an infinite variety of plants, shrubs, trees, flowers and wildlife.

And an entire garden orchids that takes us to the early days of the creation of the world.

This makes Machu Picchu a place where imagination is lost in thousands of guesses and spirit wanders aimlessly. The energy that many refer to visit springs from the unstoppable force of an area in constant balance between the heights of the Cordillera Vilcabamba and the attraction of the lowlands, full of mysteries and secrets.

Land of Incas certainly hiding many secrets to discover and invites anyone who wants to know the adventure, mysticism and more.

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