Peru Sur Nativa

is a new alternative for those looking for outstanding, safe, high quality travel experiences in South America. Peru Sur Nativa focuses on tours in small groups, in order to make the tour a more personal experience.

Our founder, Raul Montes, has over 25 years of expedition guiding experience, and all our guides and staff share a passion for adventure and exploration, allowing us to become intimately familiar with the best in nature, culture, and adventure South America has to offer. Our love for this magnificent continent has inspired our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in environmental stewardship and proper treatment of our guides and porters. We aim to contribute positively to communities and our natural surroundings on our trips, and to ensure that these beautiful places remain intact for the next generation.

We want to share this knowledge with all of you by creating the best possible travel itineraries to allow you to fully experience each destination you visit. Our trips are designed to allow time to truly appreciate where you are: one of the most diverse and stunningly beautiful places on Earth. And, all our itineraries can be customized to suit your interests. You can also be certain every detail will be taken care of while traveling with us, from transportation logistics to around-the-clock support in the event of an emergency; it’s all part of the top quality service we promise when you book a trip with Peru Sur Nativa.